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12+1BB 2000-6000 size aluminum bait runner spinning reel for carp


We proudly recommend the 12+1BB 2000-9000 Aluminum Parabolic Fishing Reel, a premium product designed for carp fishing. Manufactured from aluminum alloy, it features 12 main shaft bearings and 1 auxiliary bearing, providing smooth rotation and excellent remote control. Whether you are a novice or an experienced angler, this fishing reel will give you excellent handling and successful fishing results. Its size ranges from 2000 to 9000, adapting to different fishing needs.

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12+1BB 2000-6000 size aluminum bait runner spinning reel for carp Description

In the fishing world, choosing a high-performance, durable and reliable fishing reel is crucial for the successful angler. Our 12+1BB 2000-6000 Aluminum Parabolic Fishing Reel, which combines advanced technology and high-quality materials will bring excellent experience to carp anglers. We will now take an in-depth look at the features, features and benefits of this product and help you understand why it is an essential choice for carp fishing.


Excellent performance

Our aluminum parabolic fishing reels are known for their outstanding performance. Equipped with 12 main shaft bearings and 1 auxiliary bearing, this fishing reel provides smooth spin and excellent wire control. These bearings ensure smooth running and corrosion resistance of the wheels, providing anglers with superior handling. Its number ranges from 2000 to 6000, whether casting, reeling or dealing with the pull of fish (carp), this fishing reel will do the job and bring you more fun and success.


High quality material

To ensure durability and long-term use, the 12+1BB 2000-6000 parabolic fishing reel is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material. The aluminum alloy material provides excellent strength and corrosion resistance, allowing this fishing reel to withstand a variety of harsh environmental conditions and usage. It performs exceptionally well in both freshwater and saltwater environments, providing you with a reliable companion especially when fishing for carp.


Parabolic system

This reel is equipped with a parabolic system, a key feature in carp fishing. The parabolic system allows anglers to easily switch to parabolic mode while fishing. When the fish bites, you can easily open the rear drag system, allowing the fish to pull the line freely and feel less resistance. This helps the carp take a better bite on the hook and increases the chances of a successful catch. Once you’re ready to fight the fish’s pull, simply switch off the rear towing system and return to normal operating mode.


Various size options

12+1BB Aluminum Parabolic Fishing Reels provide multiple size options to meet different fishing needs. From size 2000 to size 6000, you can choose the ideal size for your carp fishing. Smaller numbers are for lighter fishing, while larger numbers are for fishing situations that require more line capacity and greater pull. This variety of size options ensures that you can choose the best reel for your specific needs.


Well-designed appearance

12+1BB 2000-6000 Size Aluminum Parabolic Fishing Reel is not only excellent in performance, but also very attractive in appearance. It features a well-designed exterior that exudes modernity and elegance. Not only will it stand out when you’re fishing for carp, but it also pairs well with other tackle and gear.


Case Study: Jack’s Carp Fishing Trip

Let’s look at a real case to better demonstrate the advantages of 12+1BB aluminum parabolic fishing reels in carp fishing. Jack, an experienced angler, decided to use this reel for carp. He chose size 6000 for the carp’s strong pull and larger line capacity needs. Jack has achieved impressive results using a 12+1BB 6000 aluminum parabolic fishing reel. He has successfully caught several large carp and appreciates the great performance and durable quality of this reel. Its smooth rotation and excellent remote control help Jack better grasp the fishing process, while the durability of the aluminum material ensures that the fishing reel performs steadily during intense carp fishing activities.



Our aluminum parabolic reel is a dependable fishing companion designed for carp fishing. Its superior performance, high-quality materials, parabolic system and wide range of size options make it the first choice for anglers looking for success and fun. Whether you are a novice or an experienced fisherman, this fishing reel will be your right-hand man in carp fishing. Choose 12+1BB 2000-6000 fishing reel to make your carp fishing trip more exciting!

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