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1000-7000 20KG Spinning Reel for Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing


In both saltwater and freshwater fishing, using the proper fishing equipment is essential. Among them, 1000-7000 20KG metal spool spinning fishing reel is an excellent choice. Today we will introduce the features and advantages of this fishing reel, as well as its application in saltwater and freshwater fishing.

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1000-7000 20KG Spinning Reel for Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Description

A 1000-7000 20KG Spinning Reel is a type of fishing reel designed to handle various fishing conditions, both in saltwater and freshwater environments. The number range, such as 1000-7000, indicates different reel sizes, with larger numbers corresponding to bigger reels. The “20KG” specification refers to the maximum drag or line pressure the reel can exert on the fish, which is an important consideration when targeting larger and more powerful fish species.

Key Features of 1000-7000 20KG Spinning Reel:

  1. Versatility: The 1000-7000 size range makes these spinning reels versatile and suitable for a wide range of fishing applications. The smaller sizes (1000-3000) are ideal for light freshwater fishing, while the larger sizes (4000-7000) can handle heavier freshwater fishing and light to medium saltwater fishing.
  2. Durable Construction: To handle both saltwater and freshwater conditions, these spinning reels are typically constructed with corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon composites. This ensures the reel remains durable and functional in various fishing environments.
  3. Smooth Drag System: The 20KG drag capability of these reels means they can handle more substantial fish species that require a strong and smooth drag system. The drag system allows anglers to control the amount of resistance the fish feels when pulling on the line during the fight.
  4. High Line Capacity: These spinning reels have a higher line capacity, allowing anglers to spool more fishing line, which is beneficial when targeting fish that may take long runs or make powerful runs.
  5. Anti-Reverse Feature: A quality anti-reverse feature prevents the handle from turning backward when a fish is pulling on the line, ensuring a solid hookset and preventing the line from slacking.
  6. Smooth Retrieve: These spinning reels are equipped with ball bearings and a smooth gear ratio, providing a smooth and effortless retrieve.

Usage Considerations:

When using a 1000-7000 20KG Spinning Reel, consider the following:

  • For light freshwater fishing, opt for smaller reel sizes (1000-3000) to balance with lightweight fishing rods and lines.
  • For heavier freshwater fishing and light saltwater fishing, choose medium-sized reels (4000-5000).
  • For medium to heavy saltwater fishing, go for larger reel sizes (6000-7000) to handle larger fish species and stronger lines.


The 1000-7000 20KG Spinning Reel is a versatile and durable fishing reel suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. It offers a range of sizes to accommodate various fishing applications and target fish species. When paired with the right fishing rod and line, these spinning reels can provide anglers with a reliable and efficient tool for an enjoyable fishing experience in different environments.

Metal Spool


Metal spool is an important feature of our spinning fishing reels, which brings excellent durability and corrosion resistance to both saltwater and freshwater fishing reels. Compared with traditional plastic spools, metal spools are more able to withstand the challenges of saltwater environments, and can maintain their stable and reliable performance in long-term use. The color of the spool is black and gold. Compared with traditional plastic spools, the appearance and color of metal spools are more attractive and atmospheric.


Metal spool has the following advantages:


Durability: Metal spools are usually made of high-strength metal materials, such as aluminum alloy or stainless steel. The use of this material gives the spool exceptional durability, able to withstand the stresses of prolonged use and heavy loads in salt or fresh water environments without deformation or damage.

Corrosion Resistance: Salt and wet conditions in saltwater environments can cause corrosion and damage to fishing reel spools. Due to the corrosion resistance of its material, the metal spool can effectively resist the erosion of salt water, prolong the service life of the spool and maintain its stable performance.

Better Line Control: Metal spools typically have a smooth and roomy interior, which allows the line to move more freely within the line cup, reducing the chance of line snagging and entanglement. This improvement in wire control helps to improve the accuracy of fishing and the effect of long-range shooting.

Heat dissipation: The metal spool has good heat dissipation performance, which can dissipate heat faster and keep the temperature inside the spool stable. This is very important during prolonged use or heavy duty freshwater or saltwater fishing to prevent the reel from overheating and causing damage or reduced performance.

The metal spool brings durability, corrosion resistance, better wire control and better heat dissipation to the fishing reel. In saltwater environments, spools stand up to the challenge and perform consistently, providing anglers with a reliable tool. Therefore, the spool spinning fishing reel series is an ideal choice in both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Whether chasing big game fish in saltwater oceans or outwitting tough fish in freshwater lakes, spool Spinning Reels offer performance and durability.


1000-7000 Series


The 1000-7000 series is the model range of this spool spinning fishing reel, covering several fishing reels of different sizes. The way this series is usually named is based on the size and capacity of the wheels.


Model range: 1000-7000 series includes several different models of fishing reels, such as 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000. Each model represents a different size and capacity for different types of fishing needs.


Sizes and Capacities: Each model in this series represents a specific range of sizes and capacities. Smaller models such as the 1000 or 2000 are generally suitable for light fishing such as stream fishing or light fishing. Larger models, such as the 6000 or 7000, are for saltwater or freshwater fishing that requires more line capacity and greater pulling power, such as shore fishing or chasing big game fish.


Functions and features: 1000-7000 series fishing reels usually have some common functions and features, such as metal spools, adjustable drag system, smooth reel work, etc. While there will be some minor differences between different models of wheels, overall they all offer solid performance and durability.


Scope of application: 1000-7000 series fishing reels are widely used in saltwater and freshwater fishing activities. Anglers can choose the appropriate model according to their needs and the size of the target fish. Smaller models are good for light duty fishing, such as chasing small freshwater fish, while larger models are good for saltwater or freshwater fishing that requires more line capacity and more pulling power.


The 1000-7000 series spool spinning fishing reels provide a variety of size and capacity options to suit different kinds of fishing needs. These reels typically offer the angler reliable performance and durability with features like metal line cups, adjustable drag systems, and smooth reel work. Depending on the specific fishing activity and the size of the target fish, anglers can choose the model that suits their needs to get the best fishing experience.


Maximum drag force: 20KG


This fishing reel has a maximum drag force of 20KG, making it suitable for fishing activities that pursue large game fish. Whether you’re battling giant fish in saltwater or outwitting big fish in freshwater lakes, this fishing reel provides the pulling power you need to take on any challenge.


Applications in Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing


1000-7000 20KG Metal spool Spinning Fishing Reel is very suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing activities. In saltwater fishing, its corrosion-resistant spool handles the challenges of marine environments well, and its strong pull helps you tackle larger saltwater fish. And in freshwater fishing, the durability and stability of this fishing reel can meet your needs for strong resistance to large freshwater fish.


Suitable for many fishing techniques


1000-7000 20KG metal spool spinning fishing reels are suitable for many fishing techniques, such as sea fishing, boat fishing, shore fishing, stream fishing and so on. Its strong drag and durability of the spool make it suitable for different fishing scenarios and target fishes.


From the above features and advantages, it can be seen from the application in saltwater and freshwater fishing that this spinning fishing reel is an excellent choice for saltwater and freshwater fishing. It has a complete range of models, ranging from 1000 to 7000, and the maximum drag force is 20KG, which can meet the different needs of anglers. It has a durable spool that performs well in a variety of fishing environments and target species. Whether it’s big fish in the ocean or tough fish in freshwater lakes, this reel will help you achieve a satisfying catch. Whether you are a professional fisherman or an amateur fisherman, this fishing reel will be an integral part of your fishing gear.


1. What does the size range (1000-7000) mean for these spinning reels?

The size range (1000-7000) refers to the different reel sizes available within this series of spinning reels. The smaller number (1000) represents a compact reel suitable for light fishing applications, while the larger number (7000) indicates a bigger reel designed for heavier fishing and targeting larger fish species.

2. Are these spinning reels suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing?

Yes, these spinning reels are specifically designed to be versatile and perform well in both saltwater and freshwater environments. Their durable construction and corrosion-resistant materials make them suitable for use in various fishing conditions.

3. What is the maximum drag (20KG) of these spinning reels?

The maximum drag of 20KG indicates the amount of pressure the reel’s drag system can exert on the fishing line. This feature allows anglers to handle more substantial fish species and control the resistance during the fight.

4. What type of fish can be targeted with these spinning reels?

These spinning reels are suitable for targeting a wide range of fish species, including various freshwater fish such as bass, trout, and panfish. They are also capable of handling light to medium saltwater species like snook, redfish, and small to medium-sized saltwater game fish.

5. Can I use smaller reel sizes (1000-3000) for freshwater fishing?

Yes, the smaller reel sizes (1000-3000) are ideal for light freshwater fishing applications. They are well-suited for use with lightweight fishing rods and lines when targeting smaller fish species in ponds, lakes, and rivers.

6. Can I use larger reel sizes (4000-7000) for saltwater fishing?

Yes, the larger reel sizes (4000-7000) are suitable for light to medium saltwater fishing. They can handle saltwater conditions and are capable of targeting larger fish species found in coastal areas and estuaries.

7. How many ball bearings do these spinning reels have?

The number of ball bearings can vary depending on the specific model and brand of the spinning reel. Generally, higher-end models may have more ball bearings, providing a smoother retrieve and overall performance.

8. Are these spinning reels equipped with an anti-reverse feature?

Yes, these spinning reels typically come with an anti-reverse feature, which prevents the handle from turning backward when a fish pulls on the line. This ensures a solid hookset and prevents the line from slacking during the fight.

9. What fishing rod should I pair with these spinning reels?

To achieve the best performance, it is recommended to pair these spinning reels with fishing rods that match their size and intended fishing applications. Lighter reel sizes (1000-3000) should be matched with light or ultralight fishing rods, while larger reel sizes (4000-7000) can be paired with medium to medium-heavy fishing rods.

10. Can I use braided line with these spinning reels?

Yes, these spinning reels are compatible with different types of fishing lines, including monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided lines. However, it is essential to ensure that the reel’s line capacity is appropriate for the chosen line type and strength.

11. How do I maintain and care for these spinning reels to ensure their longevity?

Regular maintenance is crucial to prolonging the life and performance of these spinning reels. Keep the reels clean, lubricate moving parts, and store them properly after use. Additionally, rinse the reels with freshwater after saltwater fishing to remove any salt or debris that may cause corrosion.

12. Can I purchase spare parts or repair these spinning reels if needed?

Yes, most reputable manufacturers provide spare parts and offer repair services for their spinning reels. If needed, you can contact the manufacturer or an authorized service center for assistance.

13. Are these spinning reels suitable for beginner anglers?

Yes, these spinning reels are user-friendly and suitable for anglers of all skill levels, including beginners. Their versatility, ease of use, and durability make them a popular choice for both novice and experienced anglers.

14. Do these spinning reels come with a warranty?

The availability of a warranty may vary depending on the brand and model of the spinning reel. Many reputable manufacturers offer warranties to cover defects in materials and workmanship. It is advisable to check the product specifications or inquire with the manufacturer or retailer regarding the warranty details.

15. Where can I purchase these 1000-7000 20KG Spinning Reels?

These spinning reels are available at various fishing tackle retailers, outdoor sporting goods stores, and online marketplaces. You can check with your local fishing equipment retailers or explore online platforms to find these spinning reels from reputable brands.

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