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13.4g 11cm Plastic Material Hard Minnow Lures for Saltwater Fishing


These 13.4g, 11cm hard minnow lures are reliable and efficient fishing tools. Their high-quality plastic material guarantees durability and corrosion resistance, and are suitable for the requirements of saltwater environments. Moderate weight and length make they have good stability and throwing performance in the water; and rich and varied colors, can quickly attract target fish. For saltwater fishing enthusiasts, these versatile hard-bodied minnow lures will be important weapons in their pursuit of thrills and success.

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13.4g 11cm Plastic Material Hard Minnow Lures for Saltwater Fishing Description

As an ancient and popular recreational activity, fishing attracts countless fishing enthusiasts to pursue the tranquility of nature and the excitement of fishing. In saltwater fishing, choosing the right lure is critical to successfully catching fish. One of the most popular and versatile lures is the 13.4g, 11cm plastic material hard minnow lure. Not only is it a decent weight and size, but it also stands out with its variety of color options, bringing more possibilities to saltwater fishing.

This 13.4g, 11cm long hard minnow is made from high quality plastic and has many great features.

First, it offers exceptional durability and corrosion resistance to withstand the challenges of saltwater environments. Whether it’s the saltiness of seawater or wet conditions, this plastic material hard minnow lure is able to maintain its structure and performance for a long time.

Second, its 13.4-gram weight gives it stability and casting performance in the water. This moderate weight allows anglers to easily cast the minnow lure into areas where schools of fish are located away from shore. Whether it is for long-distance casting or fishing, this bait can provide stable flight and water movement, attracting fish to actively bite.

Plus, the 11cm length makes this plastic material hard minnow lures an ideal target for many fish species. Common saltwater fish such as moray eel, cod and snapper have shown great interest in baits of this length. Its size and shape are designed just right, simulating the appearance and movement of natural bait, which can better attract fish’s attention and foraging desire.

Most notably, this plastic material hard minnow lures offers a wide variety of color options. Color plays an important role in saltwater fishing because fish are highly sensitive to color. Here are some common color choices and their application in saltwater fishing:

  • Flashing metal: This color lure can reflect light in the water, simulating the flashing effect of fish and attracting attention. It’s especially good for larger food-chasing fish like sailfish, salmon and marlin in saltwater.
  • Bright Orange: Lures of this color tend to be very eye-catching in salt water and attract a variety of fish, especially brightly colored fish such as snapper, salmon and redfin tuna.
  • Natural Green: This color lure mimics the color of vegetation in saltwater for a more natural and stealthy fishing style. Fish such as cod, flounder and snapper that like to feed among seagrass and rocks are particularly interested in this color bait.
  • Dark shades: Dark shades of black, dark blue, and dark red baits are often used in saltwater to simulate fish predation at night or in low-light conditions. Nocturnal fish such as plaice, salmon and moray eels respond strongly to bait in these colors.


By choosing colors that suit specific saltwater environments and target fish, fishing enthusiasts can increase catch rates and have more exciting fishing experiences.


Consider fishing spots and schools of fish. Choose suitable fishing spots, such as reefs, ports, estuaries and other areas with potential fish schools. Know the habits and activity patterns of your target fish to determine when and where to use them best.

Master the correct throwing technique to ensure that the bait is cast in the target area. Using the proper rig and line, adjust the casting power and angle according to the sea conditions and the location of the target fish.

Use proper reeling techniques to simulate fish swimming and make the bait more attractive. Experiment with different reel speeds, pauses and perturbations to stimulate the fish’s aggressive instincts.

By changing the speed of the line to be fast or slow, the action of instantaneous acceleration or deceleration can be created to trigger the fish’s attack response. Simulate the action of injured or fleeing fish to attract predatory fish to actively attack the bait.

Choose the appropriate color according to the local water quality and light conditions. In bright weather or clear waters, choose bright colors; in cloudy or cloudy waters, choose dark or contrasting colors.

Depending on the situation and fishing experience, try different techniques and strategies. For example, quickly pull or slow hover the bait, and use tricks such as jumping, rocking or curving reeling to attract fish attention and trigger bite behavior.

Watch closely for surface reactions such as waves, ripples or the appearance of schools of fish. These signs may hint at the location and activity of fish, and adjust fishing methods and strategies based on observations.

Remember, every fishing situation and fish behavior is different, so it needs to be adjusted and tried according to the actual situation. Through practice and experience accumulation, you will better understand how to use this 13.4g, 11cm Plastic Material Hard Minnow Lures to improve your fishing success rate.

All in all, the 13.4g, 11cm long plastic material hard minnow lure shows its unique charm in saltwater fishing with its various color options and moderate weight and size. Whether fishing enthusiasts or professional fishermen, this minnow lure can bring them more fishing fun and chances of success. Remember to understand the preferences of the target fish and the characteristics of the saltwater environment before fishing in saltwater, and choose the appropriate color and lures to improve the fishing experience and results.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Plastic Material Hard Minnow Lures for Saltwater Fishing, with specifications of 13.4g and 11cm:

Q1: What is the weight and length of the lure?
A1: The lure weighs 13.4 grams and has a length of 11 centimeters.

Q2: Is the lure suitable for saltwater fishing?
A2: Yes, the lure is specifically designed for saltwater fishing. Its construction and materials are designed to withstand the harsh conditions and challenges of saltwater environments.

Q3: What type of fish can be targeted with this lure?
A3: The 13.4g, 11cm Hard Minnow Lure can attract a variety of saltwater fish species, including but not limited to bass, snook, redfish, trout, and tarpon. Its realistic appearance and lifelike swimming action make it effective for enticing predatory fish.

Q4: What is the material of the lure?
A4: The lure is made of plastic material. Plastic lures are known for their durability, buoyancy, and ability to mimic the appearance and movement of real baitfish.

Q5: Does the lure come with hooks?
A5: Yes, the lure typically comes with sharp and sturdy treble hooks attached. The hooks are designed to increase the chances of hooking and landing fish.

Q6: Can the lure be used in freshwater fishing?
A6: While the lure is primarily designed for saltwater fishing, it can also be used in certain freshwater fishing scenarios. It may attract species such as largemouth bass, pike, and muskie in freshwater environments.

Q7: What is the diving depth of the lure?
A7: The diving depth of the lure can vary depending on the fishing technique and retrieval speed. Generally, it is considered a medium-depth diving lure, suitable for targeting fish at various depths within the water column.

Q8: Are there different color options available for the lure?
A8: Yes, the lure typically comes in a range of color options. Different color patterns are designed to mimic specific baitfish species or attract fish in different water conditions. It is advisable to choose colors based on the target species and prevailing fishing conditions.

Q9: Can the lure withstand saltwater corrosion?
A9: Yes, the plastic material used in the lure is resistant to saltwater corrosion. However, it is recommended to rinse the lure with fresh water after each saltwater fishing session to prolong its lifespan and maintain its performance.

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