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Multifunctional Plastic Handle Fishing Line Cutter Scissors


The fishing line cutter is a practical tool for fishing enthusiasts, with a moderate length, a plastic handle, and a blade made of high-quality stainless steel, which can easily cut all kinds of fishing lines. It is a multifunctional scissors. In addition to the thread cutting function, it also has functions such as hook removal grooves, which are convenient for emergency operations during fishing. It is an ideal companion for outdoor fishing activities.

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Multifunctional Plastic Handle Fishing Line Cutter Scissors Description

The Multifunctional Plastic Handle Fishing Line Cutter Scissors is a versatile tool designed for anglers to easily and precisely cut fishing lines. It features a handle made of durable plastic, providing a comfortable grip for users. This fishing accessory is engineered to be multifunctional, meaning it can serve various purposes beyond just cutting fishing lines.

Key Features:

  1. Sharp Cutting Blades: The scissors are equipped with sharp blades made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring clean and precise cuts on different types of fishing lines.
  2. Durable Plastic Handle: The handle is constructed from durable plastic material, which is both lightweight and resistant to the elements commonly encountered in fishing environments.
  3. Comfortable Grip: The handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the angler’s hand, allowing for extended periods of use without causing discomfort or fatigue.
  4. Versatility: In addition to cutting fishing lines, this tool may have additional features or functions, such as hook removal, opening split rings, or other utility functions.
  5. Compact and Portable: Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry in a tackle box or pocket, ensuring it’s readily accessible when needed.
  6. Rust and Corrosion Resistance: The stainless steel blades are resistant to rust and corrosion, making them suitable for use in saltwater and freshwater fishing environments.
  7. Safety Features: Some models may include safety features like a locking mechanism to secure the blades when not in use, preventing accidental cuts.
  8. Ease of Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining the scissors is typically straightforward. Rinsing with fresh water and occasional lubrication of the pivot point, if applicable, will help prolong its lifespan.

The Multifunctional Plastic Handle Fishing Line Cutter Scissors is a handy tool for anglers, offering the convenience of easily cutting fishing lines and potentially providing additional utility functions. Its compact and lightweight design, along with its durable construction, makes it a valuable addition to any angler’s tackle box.

Standard sizes


With a convenient length of 12 cm, the fishing line scissors is designed to be easily held and operated by fishing enthusiasts of all ages. Its compact size ensures portability, making it a must-have tool for any fishing trip.


The fishing line cutter features a blade crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring excellent cutting performance and long-lasting sharpness. The sturdy and durable plastic handle is engineered to withstand rugged outdoor conditions and frequent use. This combination of premium materials ensures that the scissor maintain their effectiveness and reliability, even after extended periods of use in various fishing environments. With the perfect blend of superior materials and ergonomic design, this tool delivers precision and efficiency, making it an essential accessory for any fishing enthusiast’s tackle box.


The color is blue &black. We also have more fashionable colors to choose from to meet the preferences of different customers.


Line cutting function

The main function of this scissor is indeed to cut fishing lines with ease and efficiency. It is designed to handle various types of fishing lines, such as nylon line, steel wire, carbon line, and more, catering to the diverse needs of anglers.

Thanks to its high-quality stainless steel blade, the scissors can effortlessly cut through different line materials, ensuring clean and precise cuts every time. Whether you are dealing with thick and sturdy lines or fine and delicate ones, this fishing line cutter will provide reliable and consistent results.

Hook Removal

This fishing scissors has a special tooth design for easy removal of fishing line knots on the hook. When fishing friends successfully catch fish, removing the hook is an essential step, and this function of fishing scissors can easily help fishing friends free the fishing line from the hook.

Rope Cutting

In addition to its primary function of cutting fishing lines, the blades of this plastic handle scissor are thoughtfully designed with grooves that allow for effortless cutting of ropes or rope knots. This feature comes in handy for fishing friends who may encounter different rope-related situations while fishing, such as tying knots, securing gear, or handling other rope-based tasks.

The grooves on the blades ensure clean and precise cuts on ropes, preventing fraying and ensuring the integrity of the rope’s structure. This is especially useful when dealing with fishing lines, which often require accurate and neat cuts to maintain their performance.

Material advantages

High-quality blade

The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is precision-treated, sharp and durable, can maintain a long-lasting cutting effect, and is not easy to rust.

Durable Plastic Handle

The high-quality stainless steel blade used in this multifunctional scissor undergoes precision treatment, ensuring its sharpness and durability. Its ability to maintain a long-lasting cutting effect guarantees consistent performance, even after extended periods of use. Additionally, the stainless steel material is highly resistant to rust, making it ideal for outdoor fishing activities where exposure to water and moisture is common. With this reliable and resilient blade, anglers can confidently tackle various fishing line materials without worrying about premature wear or corrosion.

Comfortable to hold

The handle of this fishing line cutter is carefully crafted with an ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip during use. Its user-friendly design minimizes hand fatigue and provides a firm hold, allowing you to cut fishing lines or ropes with precision and ease. The non-slip feature of the handle further enhances control and stability, even in wet or slippery conditions, making it a reliable tool for various outdoor fishing environments. With the combination of the sharp stainless steel blade and the comfortable handle, this fishing line cutter scissors offers a seamless and enjoyable cutting experience, making fishing tasks more relaxed and effortless.

Functional advantage

Convenient and Practical

The integration of multiple functions in this scissor eliminates the need to carry multiple tools during fishing trips, streamlining your fishing gear and saving valuable space. With its versatile features, such as cutting fishing lines, removing hooks, and even serving as a screwdriver, this all-in-one tool ensures you have everything you need in a single, compact device.

By reducing the number of tools you need to carry, this fishing line cutter allows for greater mobility and convenience during fishing adventures. Whether you’re fishing from the shore, on a boat, or hiking to a remote fishing spot, having this multifunctional tool at your disposal ensures you can handle various fishing-related tasks without the burden of multiple individual tools.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry in your fishing tackle box, backpack, or pocket, enabling you to access its functions whenever and wherever you need them. With the multifunctional fishing line scissors, you can focus on enjoying your fishing experience, knowing that you have a reliable and versatile tool at hand for any fishing situation.

Quick handling

The multi-functional design of this scissors empowers you to handle various fishing situations with ease and efficiency, eliminating the need to carry multiple tools. With just one pair of scissors, you can swiftly cut fishing lines, remove hooks, and untie knots, allowing you to respond quickly to changing fishing conditions and challenges.

By having all these essential functions in a single tool, you save valuable time that would otherwise be spent switching between different tools. This efficiency not only enhances your fishing experience but also enables you to stay fully immersed in the joy and excitement of fishing.

The convenience of this multi-functional fishing line cutter makes it an indispensable companion for fishing enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to seasoned anglers. Its versatility ensures you can adapt to various fishing scenarios effortlessly, making it a reliable and practical tool for any fishing trip. Whether you’re targeting different species, adjusting your fishing setup, or simply enjoying a leisurely day by the water, this multifunctional tool will enhance your fishing fun and overall satisfaction.

Wide application

This fishing scissors is not only suitable for fishing enthusiasts, but also suitable for outdoor camping, travel and other scenes, it is your practical all-rounder.

Our fishing line cutter is a high quality, versatile fishing scissors. Its high-quality plastic material and comfortable grip ensure excellent performance and user experience. Not only can you quickly cut all kinds of fishing lines and knots, but you can also remove hooks to meet your various needs during fishing. At the same time, the multi-functional design makes it a good assistant for outdoor activities. We believe this fishing scissors will become your must-have equipment to enhance your fishing experience and give you more convenience and fun.


Question 1: What is the length of this multifunctional plastic handle fishing line cutter scissors?

Answer: The length of this multifunctional plastic handle fishing line cutter scissors is 12 cm, the moderate size makes it easy to hold and operate.

Question 2: What is the blade material? Is it sharp and durable?

Answer: The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel and has been precision-treated to ensure sharpness and durability. It can easily cut through various fishing line materials, maintain a long-lasting cutting effect, and is not easy to rust.

Question 3: Is this fishing scissors suitable for many types of fishing lines?

Answer: Yes, this multifunctional plastic handle fishing line cutter scissors is suitable for many types of fishing lines, including nylon lines, steel wires and carbon lines, etc. You can safely use it to cut all kinds of fishing line materials.

Question 4: Are the grooves for hook removal easy to use?

Answer: Yes, the blade side of this fishing scissors is designed with a special groove, which is convenient for removing fishing line knots on the hook. The groove design makes the dehook operation easier and quicker, making you more convenient when fishing.

Question 5: What is the handle material? Is it durable?

Answer: The knife handle is made of durable plastic material, carefully designed to ensure its durability and light weight. You can hold and use it with confidence, and it can be used for a long time in the outdoor environment.

Question 6: Does this fishing scissors have other practical functions?

Answer: Yes, this multifunctional plastic handle fishing line cutter scissors not only has line trimming and dehooking functions, but also a screwdriver function, which is convenient for you to deal with simple screw adjustments or repairs when you are fishing outdoors.

Question 7: Is this fishing scissors suitable as a multi-tool for outdoor activities?

Answer: Yes, the versatile design of this fishing scissors makes it a practical tool for outdoor activities. In addition to the function of fishing, it can also play a role in camping, traveling and other scenes, it is your practical all-rounder.

Question 8: Do fishing scissors require special maintenance?

Answer: Fishing shears do not require special maintenance, but regular cleaning of the blades and handles is recommended for aesthetics and performance. Low maintenance due to high quality blades and plastic material.

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