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60g Luminous Squid Soft Lure for Sea Boat Fishing


As both manufacturers and suppliers of premium fishing equipment, we take pride in introducing our latest innovation: the luminous squid soft lure, with a weight of 60g, specially designed for sea boat fishing enthusiasts. With its unique features and lifelike design, this lure promises to elevate your fishing experience to a whole new level.

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60g Luminous Squid Soft Lure for Sea Boat Fishing Description

Our squid soft lure is not just a fish tackle; they are the result of meticulous craftsmanship and a deep understanding of the needs of anglers. Designed to enhance your fishing experience, our offerings come with a set of distinctive features that set them apart in the world of fishing gear. Now let’s discover what makes our products truly exceptional.

Advantages of the weight

The weight of 60 grams has some advantages in fishing, especially for specific fishing targets and occasions. Here are some of the advantages of the 60g fishing weight:

Long-range casting ability: The 60-gram weight allows the bait to be cast far away, allowing you to cover a wider fishing area. This is very helpful in situations where you need to cast your bait far away, such as beach fishing or fishing where you need to cover deep water areas.

Adapted to deep water fishing: Heavier baits can sink to the deep water layer faster, which is very useful for deep sea fishing or chasing bottom fish in deep water. The 60g weight can help you quickly reach the depth where the fish are.

Ability to catch big fish: The 60g weight makes the bait more attractive and usually attracts larger size fish. If you are chasing large predatory fish such as large bass, rays or cod, this heavier bait can attract their attention.

Stability: Relatively heavy baits are generally more stable in the water and less susceptible to wind, waves or currents. This helps keep the bait drifting steadily, increasing the chance of a fish biting the hook.

Multiple uses: The 60g bait weight is generally suitable for many different types of fishing, including ocean fishing, river fishing and lake fishing.

It should be noted that the weight selection of bait should be based on your specific fishing goals, fishing locations and fishing skills. The 60g weight works in some situations, but not in all. To ensure you choose the right bait weight, it’s best to consult a local fishing expert or consider current fishing conditions to make your decision.

Our 60g luminous squid soft lure is not just a piece of fishing gear; it’s a gateway to unforgettable fishing adventures. Whether you’re angling for the catch of a lifetime or simply enjoying a peaceful day on the water, this lure will undoubtedly enhance your success and bring joy to your fishing experience.

We, as both manufacturers and suppliers, are dedicated to providing you with top-quality products that will exceed your expectations. With our Luminous Squid Soft Lure in your tackle box, you’re ready to illuminate the depths and create fishing memories that will last a lifetime.

Get ready to cast your line and watch the magic unfold as our lure entices the most elusive of sea creatures. Elevate your sea boat fishing game with our 60g Luminous Squid Soft Lure and embark on fishing adventures like never before.

Swimming Fin

When it comes to creating a lifelike and irresistible fishing lure, every detail counts, and our lure takes it to the next level with its swimming fin. This innovative feature not only adds an extra layer of realism but also provides convincing motion in the water that makes nearby fish believe that a delectable meal is right in front of them.

Our lure’s swimming fin is meticulously designed to replicate the motion of a real fish’s dorsal fin. It sways and undulates with the current, just like a genuine fin would. This lifelike movement is crucial for fooling fish into thinking that they’ve come across an actual prey item.

Fish are keenly attuned to detecting movement in the water. When they see the swimming fin in action, it triggers their predatory instincts. It’s as if they’re witnessing a fish in distress, making them all the more eager to strike. The motion created by the fin adds a layer of authenticity to your lure that fish find irresistible.

When combined with the 3D natural eyes, the fluttering tentacles, and the bioluminescent glow, the swimming fin completes the illusion of a real, struggling fish. Fish are not just attracted; they’re convinced that a scrumptious meal is within their reach. This level of realism is what sets our lure apart and increases your chances of success on every fishing expedition.

The swimming fin isn’t just a cosmetic feature; it’s a functional element that enhances the lure’s versatility. Whether you’re fishing in calm lakes or turbulent seas, the fin’s lifelike movement remains consistent, ensuring that your lure maintains its allure and effectiveness in various fishing environments.

Our lure’s swimming fin is the ultimate realism enhancer. It’s not just about appearance; it’s about movement and action that convinces fish that they’ve stumbled upon an easy meal. With the swimming fin, your lure becomes a masterpiece of deception, luring in even the most cautious of predators. So, trust in the power of lifelike realism, and let our lure’s swimming fin be the finishing touch to your fishing arsenal, ensuring unforgettable angling adventures every time you cast your line.

Sharp Jig Hook

Equipped with a sharp jig hook, our lure ensures fast piercing speed, giving your target fish little chance to escape once they strike. Its design is optimized for secure hooksets, increasing your chances of landing your catch successfully.

The heart of our lure’s success lies in its sharp jig hook. This hook is honed to perfection, with an exceptionally fine point that easily pierces through a fish’s mouth. Its sharpness means that the hook can penetrate swiftly and with minimal resistance, giving your target fish little time to react or escape.

The design of the sharp jig hook goes beyond just being sharp. It’s optimized for secure hooksets, ensuring that once a fish bites, it stays hooked. This design feature increases your chances of landing your catch successfully, even when dealing with hard-fighting or larger fish.

We all know the feeling of losing a fish just moments after the strike. With our lure’s sharp jig hook, you’ll significantly reduce those frustrating “near misses.” The combination of swift piercing and secure hooksets means that your catch will be less likely to wriggle free, ultimately leading to more successful fishing trips.

The sharp jig hook is versatile, adapting to various fishing environments and techniques. Whether you’re casting from the shore, trolling, or jigging in deep waters, this hook remains your trusty ally in the pursuit of your target species.

The sharp jig hook on our lure is more than just a pointy tip; it’s a precision tool designed to maximize your fishing success. Its swift piercing speed and secure hooksets are the key to ensuring that once a fish strikes, it’s hooked securely. With this critical component, you’ll be better equipped to land your catch and minimize the chances of the one that got away. So, trust in the power of the sharp jig hook, and let it be your ticket to a more rewarding and successful fishing experience.

Mesmerizing 3D Eyes

The 3D natural eyes of our lure add an extra layer of realism. Fish are instantly convinced that they are encountering a genuine prey item. These lifelike eyes create the illusion of a real fish swimming in the water, making it impossible for fish to resist taking a bite.

At the heart of our lure’s effectiveness are its 3D natural eyes. These eyes are meticulously designed to replicate the appearance of real fish eyes with astonishing precision. They capture every detail, from the glint of light to the depth and realism that makes them indistinguishable from those of actual fish.

Fish are instinctual predators, and their success relies heavily on their ability to identify and pursue prey accurately. When they encounter our lure with its mesmerizing 3D eyes, it’s as if they’ve stumbled upon a genuine meal. The lifelike eyes create the illusion of a real fish swimming in the water, setting off a primal response in the predator’s brain. They simply cannot resist the temptation to take a bite.

The power of these lifelike eyes lies in their ability to enhance the lure’s appeal to a wide range of fish species. From bass to trout, pike to walleye, the realistic eyes make our lure universally attractive. It’s not just about catching any fish; it’s about catching the fish you desire with unwavering precision.

The inclusion of 3D natural eyes in our lure adds versatility to your fishing repertoire. Whether you’re casting in freshwater or trolling in saltwater, these lifelike eyes ensure that your lure maintains its allure and effectiveness in diverse fishing environments.

The mesmerizing 3D natural eyes of our lure aren’t just a cosmetic touch; they’re the key to unlocking unprecedented success in your fishing adventures. They create an illusion of reality that fish find impossible to resist. When paired with the lifelike movements of the fluttering tentacles and the bioluminescent glow, our lure becomes a formidable predator magnet. So, trust in the power of lifelike realism, and let our lure’s mesmerizing 3D eyes be your ticket to a fishing experience like no other.

Luminous Magic

Our 60g luminous squid soft lure comes to life in the depths of the sea. Its luminous body emits a captivating glow, mimicking the bioluminescence of real squid. This enchanting feature not only attracts a wide range of fish but also adds an element of excitement to your nighttime fishing adventures.

Imagine your lure glowing in the darkness of the deep sea, replicating the natural light patterns of squid. This bioluminescent mimicry is like a siren’s call to the underwater world. It attracts not only the curious but also the predatory fish that can’t resist the temptation of an easy meal. Whether you’re targeting predatory species like barracuda or curious explorers like snapper, this lure’s bioluminescence is a game-changer.

Fishing at night has its own unique charm, and our luminous squid soft lure adds a thrilling element to the experience. The glowing lure creates an ethereal spectacle as it dances through the water, capturing the attention of both fish and angler alike. The anticipation of seeing your prey approach in the dark and witnessing the strike is a heart-pounding experience that keeps you coming back for more nighttime adventures.

Realistic Flutering Tentacles

The lure is equipped with ultra-realistic fluttering tentacles that mimic the natural movements of squid. As they ripple through the water, they create irresistible vibrations that draw in curious predators from afar.

The secret behind the success of our Luminous Squid Soft Lure lies in its ultra-realistic fluttering tentacles. Crafted with painstaking attention to detail, these tentacles replicate the delicate, undulating motion of real squid as they move through the water. It’s not just about appearance; it’s about movement, and these tentacles have it down to an art.

As these lifelike tentacles ripple and flutter through the water, they create irresistible vibrations. These vibrations are like a dinner bell for curious predators lurking in the vicinity. Fish, even from afar, can’t resist the temptation of investigating what seems like an authentic squid in distress. It’s a natural response that triggers their predatory instincts and leads them straight to your lure.

It’s not just about attracting any fish; it’s about luring in the most elusive and cautious of predators. Whether you’re after the cunning barracuda, the wily snapper, or any other elusive species, our lure’s realistic fluttering tentacles are your secret weapon. They provide the kind of lifelike action that can turn even the most skittish of fish into willing participants in your angling adventure.

The realism of our fluttering tentacles adds a layer of versatility to your fishing arsenal. You can use this lure in various fishing scenarios, from casting off the shore to trolling in open waters. The lifelike tentacles ensure that your lure looks and moves like the real deal, regardless of where and how you use it.


Q1: What is a luminous squid soft lure, and how does it work for sea boat fishing?

A1: A luminous squid soft lure is a fishing bait designed to mimic the appearance and movement of real squid. It is equipped with a luminous body that emits a captivating glow, attracting a wide range of fish. When used for sea boat fishing, it’s typically cast into the water from a boat and retrieved to attract fish.

Q2: What types of fish can I catch with a luminous squid soft lure in sea boat fishing?

A2: The versatility of a luminous squid soft lure makes it suitable for catching various species of fish, including but not limited to bass, cod, snapper, mackerel, and even larger predators like barracuda and sharks, depending on the size and design of the lure.

Q3: Does the luminous feature work in daytime fishing as well, or is it primarily for nighttime use?

A3: While the luminous feature is particularly effective at night or in low-light conditions, it can also attract fish during the day. However, its glow is most pronounced and captivating in darker settings, making it a popular choice for nighttime fishing adventures.

Q4: How do I use a 60g luminous squid soft lure from a sea boat?

A4: To use the lure effectively, cast it into the water and retrieve it with a series of jerks and pauses to imitate the natural movements of squid. Experiment with different retrieval speeds and depths to see what works best for the fish you’re targeting.

Q5: Can I use this lure for deep-sea fishing from a boat?

A5: Yes, the 60g luminous squid soft lure is suitable for deep-sea fishing from a boat. Its weight allows it to reach greater depths quickly, making it effective for targeting deep-sea species.

Q6: Is the hook on this lure sharp and suitable for various types of fish?

A6: Yes, the lure is typically equipped with a sharp jig hook optimized for secure hooksets. It can be effective for a wide range of fish species, including both smaller and larger predators.

Q7: How do I maintain and clean the lure after use?

A7: Rinse the lure with freshwater after each use to remove salt and debris. Allow it to air dry thoroughly to prevent mold or mildew growth. Check the hooks for any signs of damage and replace them if needed.

Q8: Can I use this lure in freshwater fishing as well?

A8: While it is primarily designed for saltwater or sea fishing, you can use it in freshwater settings if you’re targeting species that are known to prey on squid or similar baitfish.

Remember that local fishing regulations and conditions may vary, so it’s always a good idea to check with local authorities or experienced anglers for specific advice on using this lure in your area.

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