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6.5cm Hard Plastic Lure Popper for Sea Fishing


Introducing the 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper, tailor-made for sea fishing enthusiasts. This versatile lure excels in heavy trolling, long casting, and jerkbait action while offering a choice of six captivating colors. With lifelike 3D eyes, it’s designed to entice a wide range of marine predators, making it the perfect companion for your oceanic adventures.

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6.5cm Hard Plastic Lure Popper for Sea Fishing Description

In the vast expanse of the ocean, an exhilarating sea fishing adventure often hinges on high-quality fishing gear. Today, we introduce to you a 6.5cm, 11.8g hard plastic lure popper that promises to elevate your sea fishing experience. Designed to meet the demands of heavy trolling, long casting, jerkbait action, and minnow-style lure presentation, this product offers an array of six captivating colors to suit your angling preferences.

Optimal Weight

Weighing in at 11.8 grams, this hard plastic lure popper strikes the perfect balance between casting distance and underwater action. Its weight ensures you can reach your desired fishing spots while maintaining precise control over the lure’s movements.

In the realm of fishing, selecting the right lure weight is pivotal, and our 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper excels in this regard. With a precisely calculated weight of 11.8 grams, it harmoniously combines casting distance and underwater action to enhance your angling experience.

This meticulously determined weight is the key to achieving the ideal equilibrium for your fishing endeavors. Here’s how it benefits you:

Extended Casting Range: The 11.8-gram weight allows you to achieve impressive casting distances, reaching previously inaccessible fishing spots. Whether you’re targeting elusive species or exploring distant waters, this lure won’t fall short.

Underwater Precision: While casting far is essential, maintaining control over your lure’s movements is equally crucial. The lure’s weight ensures that you can execute precise actions, making it easier to mimic the natural movements of baitfish and trigger the predatory instincts of gamefish.

Versatile Applications: This optimal weight caters to a wide range of fishing scenarios, from freshwater to saltwater, and from surface presentations to deeper dives. Whether you’re angling in rivers, lakes, or the open sea, this lure’s weight provides adaptability for various environments.

Balanced Performance: Achieving the perfect balance between weight and action is a challenge in lure design. The 11.8-gram weight of this popper accomplishes just that, ensuring a lifelike swimming motion while being substantial enough for long-distance casting.

In essence, the 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper’s optimal weight of 11.8 grams serves as a crucial component in your angling arsenal. It empowers you to cast farther, maintain control, and adapt to different fishing conditions, ultimately increasing your chances of a successful and rewarding fishing expedition.

Heavy Trolling

Crafted with durability in mind, this lure is tailor-made for tackling heavyweight sea predators. Whether you’re angling for the formidable Wahoo or the awe-inspiring Marlin, this lure excels in heavy trolling scenarios.

When it comes to conquering the deep sea and going after formidable heavyweights like the Wahoo and Marlin, your fishing gear must rise to the challenge. Our 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper is precisely engineered with unmatched durability to excel in heavy trolling scenarios, ensuring that you’re prepared for the most demanding fishing expeditions.

Here’s a closer look at how this lure is tailored for heavy trolling:

Robust Construction: Crafted with the sturdiest materials available, this lure is built to withstand the relentless force of large, powerful sea predators. Its robust construction ensures that it won’t succumb to the stress of heavy trolling, allowing you to target trophy fish with confidence.

Battle-Tested Design: The design of this lure has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it can handle the rigors of heavy trolling. Its reinforced body and strong hooks are designed to endure the fiercest battles with these mighty sea creatures.

Weighted for Stability: The lure’s weight distribution is optimized for stability, preventing unwanted spinning or wobbling during high-speed trolling. This stability is crucial for maintaining a lifelike swimming action and attracting the attention of large, predatory fish.

Luring the Titans: The lifelike appearance and enticing action of this lure are specifically designed to provoke strikes from heavyweight sea predators. Its realistic colors and movements mimic natural prey, making it irresistible to even the most cautious of gamefish.

Versatile Applications: While ideal for heavy trolling, this lure is versatile enough to be effective in various saltwater environments. Whether you’re trolling offshore or nearshore, in calm waters or challenging conditions, it’s a reliable choice for landing your dream catch.

In sum, the 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper is your trusted companion for taking on the mighty giants of the sea. Its durability, battle-tested design, and ability to entice heavyweight sea predators make it a top choice for anglers seeking to conquer the challenges of heavy trolling and achieve remarkable catches in the world’s deepest waters.

Long Casting

If your passion involves chasing schools of pelagic fish in the open ocean, this lure won’t disappoint. Its unique weight distribution and streamlined design enable effortless long-distance casting, expanding your fishing range significantly.

For anglers who are passionate about chasing pelagic fish in the vast open ocean, the ability to cast your lure to distant targets is essential. Our 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper is purposefully designed to exceed your expectations. With its unique weight distribution and streamlined design, it empowers you to achieve effortless long-distance casting, dramatically extending your fishing range and increasing your chances of encountering prized pelagic species.

Here’s an in-depth look at how this lure excels in long casting:

Optimized Weight Distribution: The lure’s weight distribution has been fine-tuned for maximum casting distance. The precise placement of weight within the lure ensures that it can be propelled accurately and efficiently through the air, reaching those distant feeding grounds with ease.

Aerodynamic Design: The lure’s streamlined and hydrodynamic shape minimizes air resistance during casting, allowing it to cut through the wind effortlessly. This design feature reduces the effort required for a long, precise cast and ensures your bait lands where it’s intended.

Extended Fishing Range: With the capability for long-distance casting, you can explore areas that were once out of reach. This expanded fishing range opens up opportunities to target schools of pelagic fish that may be congregating in deeper waters or further from the shore.

Versatile in Open Waters: Whether you’re fishing from a boat or casting from the shore, this lure’s long casting abilities make it adaptable to a variety of open ocean scenarios. It’s equally effective for both nearshore and offshore fishing adventures.

Efficient Bait Presentation: Even at extended distances, the lure maintains its lifelike swimming action and captivating appearance. This ensures that it continues to entice pelagic fish, prompting them to strike from afar.

The 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper is your go-to choice for pursuing pelagic fish in the expansive open ocean. Its ability to facilitate long-distance casting through optimized weight distribution and aerodynamic design greatly expands your fishing range. This lure unlocks new horizons for your angling adventures, allowing you to target prized species in their preferred habitats, whether nearshore or offshore.

Jerkbait Action

Perfect for mimicking the erratic movements of wounded prey, this lure’s design allows for enticing jerkbait action that is sure to provoke strikes from curious predators lurking below.

In the realm of angling, provoking predatory strikes requires lures that can flawlessly mimic the movements of injured or distressed prey. Our 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper is a master at this art, offering an enticing jerkbait action that’s guaranteed to pique the interest of lurking predators below the surface. Let’s delve into the details of how this lure achieves its captivating jerkbait performance:

Erratic Movement Simulation: Designed to replicate the erratic and twitching motions of a wounded or struggling fish, this lure’s action is second to none. Its precise engineering and weight distribution enable it to dart, dive, and pause in an unpredictable manner, mimicking the vulnerability of distressed prey.

Versatile Presentation: Whether you’re retrieving the lure slowly or imparting rapid twitches, it responds with lifelike motions that predators find irresistible. This versatility allows you to adapt your presentation to the preferences of the target species and the prevailing fishing conditions.

Alluring to Curious Predators: Predatory fish are instinctively drawn to vulnerable, injured prey. The jerkbait action of this lure capitalizes on this predatory instinct, prompting curious predators to investigate and strike. It’s an effective technique for a wide range of gamefish, from bass to pike to saltwater species like snook and redfish.

Pause-and-Dart Strategy: The lure’s ability to pause during its retrieve and then dart suddenly in a new direction adds an element of surprise to your presentation. This sudden change in movement often triggers aggressive strikes as predators perceive an easy opportunity for a meal.

Natural Appearance: Complementing its dynamic action, this lure boasts realistic colors and finishes that further enhance its resemblance to natural prey. Its attention to detail, from lifelike eyes to scale patterns, adds to the lure’s appeal.

Effective in Various Environments: Whether you’re casting into freshwater or saltwater, clear or murky waters, the jerkbait action remains effective. It’s a versatile technique that can be employed in diverse fishing environments.

The 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper’s jerkbait action is a game-changer for anglers seeking to entice and hook predatory fish. Its ability to replicate the movements of injured prey, adapt to various retrieval speeds, and elicit curiosity from lurking predators makes it an indispensable addition to your tackle box. Whether you’re targeting freshwater or saltwater species, this lure’s dynamic performance will undoubtedly elevate your fishing success.

Minnow-Style Lure Presentation

Whether you’re targeting trophy gamefish or cunning predators, this lure’s versatility in mimicking the appearance and movement of small minnows is unmatched, making it a go-to choice for sea anglers.

When it comes to sea angling, versatility in lure presentation is a prized asset. Our 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper boasts a remarkable ability to mimic the appearance and movement of small minnows, making it the go-to choice for anglers pursuing trophy gamefish and cunning predators. Let’s explore how this lure excels in its minnow-style presentation:

Lifelike Minnow Imitation: The lure’s design is carefully crafted to replicate the natural appearance of small minnows, a favorite prey item for many marine predators. From its body shape to its color patterns, it closely resembles the real thing, making it highly enticing to a variety of gamefish.

Subtle, Realistic Movements: Minnows are known for their smooth, subtle swimming motions. This lure’s action mirrors these movements with precision, creating a convincing illusion of a minnow navigating the water. Its realistic swimming action is particularly effective in enticing cautious or discerning predators.

Wide Species Appeal: Minnows are a staple food source for a broad range of sea species, from bass and snook to trout and redfish. The lure’s versatility ensures that it can attract and provoke strikes from a variety of target species, making it a valuable tool in your angling arsenal.

Effective in Different Conditions: Whether you’re fishing in clear, calm waters or turbulent, murky conditions, the minnow-style presentation remains effective. It adapts to various environments, ensuring that you can use it for both inshore and offshore angling.

Versatile Retrieval Styles: This lure’s design allows for a versatile range of retrieval styles. Whether you prefer a slow and steady retrieve, a stop-and-start technique, or aggressive twitches, it responds with lifelike movements, tailoring your presentation to the fish’s preferences.

Perfect for Trophy Hunts: If you’re on the hunt for trophy gamefish, this lure’s minnow-like presentation can be irresistible to the larger, more experienced predators in the sea. It’s a reliable choice when targeting those prized catches.

The 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper excels in mimicking the appearance and movement of small minnows, making it a versatile and effective choice for sea anglers. Whether you’re pursuing trophy gamefish or cunning predators, its ability to closely replicate natural prey items and adapt to different conditions makes it an invaluable addition to your tackle box. With this lure, you’ll be well-equipped to entice and land the most elusive and coveted catches in the sea.

6 Captivating Colors

With a range of six colors to choose from, you can customize your lure to match the local baitfish or the prevailing sea conditions, increasing your chances of attracting the attention of your desired catch.

In the dynamic world of sea fishing, adaptability and customization are keys to success. Our 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper offers you a spectrum of six captivating colors to choose from. This color variety is more than just aesthetics; it allows you to tailor your lure to match the local baitfish or the prevailing sea conditions, significantly amplifying your chances of luring in your desired catch. Let’s delve into how these colors provide an edge to your angling experience:

Local Baitfish Match: Different regions and seasons boast a diverse array of baitfish species, each with its distinct colors and patterns. By selecting a lure color that closely resembles the local baitfish, you create a seamless illusion, making your presentation look like the real deal to nearby predators.

Seasonal Adaptation: As seasons change, so do the colors of forage fish. With a choice of six colors, you can adapt your lure to mimic the prevalent baitfish of the season, ensuring your presentation is in harmony with the natural surroundings, thus increasing its effectiveness.

Water Clarity: Water clarity can vary dramatically, from crystal clear to murky or stained. Opting for the right lure color based on water conditions ensures that your lure remains highly visible and appealing, regardless of the environment.

Light and Weather Conditions: Lure color can also play a role in attracting fish under varying light and weather conditions. Bright, contrasting colors may work well on sunny days, while subdued colors may be more effective in overcast or low-light situations.

Species Specificity: Certain fish species have specific color preferences, and tailoring your lure to their tastes can make a significant difference. The versatility of six color options means you’re equipped to target a wide range of species, from bass to mackerel to redfish.

Personal Confidence: Angler confidence is essential, and being able to choose a color that you personally have faith in can be a game-changer. Having options allows you to select the color that you have the most confidence in for the specific fishing scenario.

The six captivating colors offered by the 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper grant you the power of customization, allowing you to adapt your lure to various fishing conditions and preferences. This versatility increases your chances of attracting your desired catch and ultimately leads to a more successful and fulfilling angling experience, ensuring that you’re always well-prepared for the challenges of sea fishing.

Realistic 3D Eyes

Details matter, and this lure doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. Featuring lifelike 3D eyes, it presents itself as a convincing prey item, grabbing the attention of opportunistic hunters lurking beneath the surface.

In the world of fishing, it’s often the small details that make a big difference, and the 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper pays meticulous attention to aesthetics. One standout feature is its lifelike 3D eyes, which elevate this lure into a convincing prey item, capable of capturing the attention of opportunistic hunters lurking beneath the surface. Here’s a closer look at why these realistic 3D eyes matter:

Predator Allure: Predatory fish are instinctively drawn to the eyes of their prey. The inclusion of lifelike 3D eyes on this lure replicates this crucial aspect of natural prey, making it more appealing to predators and increasing the likelihood of a strike.

Mimicking Vulnerability: In the animal kingdom, prey often exhibits wide, alert eyes when in distress. The realistic 3D eyes on this lure give it the appearance of a vulnerable or wounded fish, triggering the predatory instincts of gamefish and enticing them to strike.

Enhanced Realism: The 3D eyes are not only lifelike but also three-dimensional, adding depth and authenticity to the lure’s appearance. This heightened realism is especially effective in clear water conditions, where fish can scrutinize their potential prey.

Variety of Species: The lure’s lifelike eyes are universally appealing to a wide variety of species, from freshwater bass to saltwater snook. Whether you’re targeting different gamefish, these realistic eyes make the lure a convincing choice for any predator.

Confidence for Anglers: For anglers, confidence in their lure can be a game-changer. The lifelike 3D eyes provide an added level of confidence, knowing that your presentation looks incredibly realistic, further enhancing your ability to attract and hook fish.

Striking From a Distance: Fish often rely on their keen vision to locate and assess potential prey. The realistic 3D eyes on this lure allow it to be seen and identified from a distance, increasing the chances of drawing in nearby predators.

The inclusion of lifelike 3D eyes on the 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper is a testament to the lure’s commitment to authenticity and effectiveness. These eyes play a vital role in mimicking the appearance of vulnerable prey, making the lure more alluring to predatory fish and providing anglers with the confidence that their presentation is as convincing as it gets. It’s an attention to detail that can make all the difference when you’re on the water.


In conclusion, the 6.5cm, 11.8g hard plastic lure popper is a versatile and high-performance sea fishing lure suitable for heavy trolling, long casting, jerkbait action, and minnow-style lure presentations. Its optimal weight ensures a balance of casting distance and action, significantly enhancing your chances of success on the water. With the added bonus of six captivating color options, you can tailor your lure to suit your angling preferences and the conditions of the day. This lure, with its outstanding design and lifelike 3D eyes, adds an extra layer of excitement to your oceanic adventures. Whether you’re a novice angler or an experienced pro, this lure is a valuable addition to your fishing arsenal, promising unforgettable catches on the open sea.


  1. What is the 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper, and what makes it special for sea fishing?

The 6.5cm hard plastic lure popper is a fishing lure designed specifically for sea fishing. It stands out due to its versatility in heavy trolling, long casting, jerkbait action, and minnow-style presentations, making it an excellent choice for various sea fishing scenarios.

  1. What is the optimal weight of this lure, and why is it important?

This lure weighs 11.8 grams, which strikes a balance between casting distance and underwater action. The optimal weight ensures that you can reach your desired fishing spots while maintaining precise control over the lure’s movements.

  1. How does this lure excel in heavy trolling?

The lure is crafted with durability in mind, making it well-suited for tackling heavyweight sea predators like Wahoo and Marlin. Its robust construction and reinforced design are specifically engineered to handle the challenges of heavy trolling.

  1. Can this lure be used for long-distance casting?

Yes, indeed. The unique weight distribution and streamlined design of this lure enable effortless long-distance casting, allowing you to reach distant fishing spots and explore open waters with ease.

  1. What is jerkbait action, and how does this lure perform in that regard?

Jerkbait action involves mimicking the erratic movements of wounded prey to attract predatory fish. This lure’s design allows it to produce enticing jerkbait action, making it highly effective in provoking strikes from curious predators lurking below the surface.

  1. How does this lure mimic the appearance and movement of minnows?

The lure’s design closely replicates the natural appearance and movement of small minnows, a favored prey item for many sea predators. Its lifelike appearance and subtle swimming motions make it a convincing choice for sea anglers targeting various gamefish.

  1. Why are the six captivating colors important?

The availability of six colors allows anglers to customize their lure to match local baitfish or adapt to prevailing sea conditions. This customization increases the chances of attracting the attention of the desired catch, making the lure highly versatile.

  1. Can you explain the significance of the lifelike 3D eyes on this lure?

The lifelike 3D eyes serve to mimic the appearance of vulnerable or distressed prey. They make the lure more appealing to predatory fish, as fish are instinctively drawn to the eyes of their potential prey. These eyes enhance the lure’s realism and effectiveness in attracting strikes.

  1. Is this lure suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing?

While it’s primarily designed for saltwater sea fishing, the lure’s versatility and adaptability make it effective in various environments. Anglers can use it for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, targeting a wide range of species.

  1. What types of predatory fish can be targeted with this lure?

This lure is effective in enticing a variety of predatory fish species, including but not limited to bass, snook, mackerel, trout, redfish, and more, making it versatile for different angling adventures.


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