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Stainless Steel Control Scissor Fishing Lip Grip


Fishing is a popular recreational activity, and saltwater fishing requires some special gear. Choosing the right tools and accessories is crucial in Saltwater Fishing. Today we will introduce an excellent product, the Fishing Lip Grip, its benefits in Saltwater Fishing, and how to use it.

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Stainless Steel Control Scissor Fishing Lip Grip Description

What is Fishing Lip Grip?

A fishing lip grip, also known as a fish gripper or fish lip gripper, is a tool used by anglers to handle fish safely and securely. It is designed to hold the fish by the lip or jaw without causing harm to the fish or the angler.

A fishing lip grip typically consists of a pair of jaws or clamps that can be operated with one hand. The jaws are designed to securely grip the fish’s lip or jaw, providing a firm hold without causing excessive pressure or injury. The grip is often made of materials such as stainless steel or aluminum, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion.

The main purpose of a fishing lip grip is to provide a convenient and safe way to handle fish during catch and release or when taking photos. By using a lip grip, anglers can maintain control over the fish while keeping their hands away from sharp teeth, fins, or other potentially hazardous parts of the fish’s body.

Fish lip grips often come with additional features such as a weighing scale to measure the weight of the fish, a wrist strap or lanyard for securing the grip to the angler’s wrist, and sometimes even a built-in tape measure for quick length measurements.

When using a fishing lip grip, it’s important to handle the fish gently and avoid excessive pressure on the fish’s jaw. It’s recommended to support the fish’s body with your other hand or use a landing net to minimize stress and potential injury to the fish. Additionally, it’s crucial to follow local fishing regulations and guidelines regarding the use of fishing lip grips, as some areas may have specific rules or restrictions.

Type of fishing lip grip

This Fishing Grip can be described as: Fish Lip Stainless Steel Control Scissor Snip Fishing Grip Set Nipper Pincer Accessory Tool Clip Clamp Cutter Plier

Type Length (cm) Weight (g) Features
A 16 107
B 18 121
C 22 147
D 22 167
E 24.5 223 Scale: -15kg
F 24.5 234 Scale: -15kg
Rule: 92cm
Type of fishing lip grip
Type of fishing lip grip

Advantages of Fishing Lip Grip

Corrosion resistance:

Fishing Lip Grip is made of stainless steel, so it has excellent corrosion resistance. Salt and humidity in seawater tend to cause rust and damage to metal tools, but the Fishing Lip Grip’s stainless steel is resistant to the elements, ensuring a long service life.

Strength and Durability:

Catching large fish is a common occurrence in Saltwater Fishing. The Fishing Lip Grip is made of strong stainless steel material for strength and durability, capable of withstanding the weight and struggle of large fish, ensuring a secure grip on the fish’s mouth.

Safety protection:

Fishing Lip Grip is equipped with an adjustable grip system, which can hold the fish’s mouth tightly without causing fish injury. Additionally, its design includes a non-slip grip to ensure anglers have a firm grip on the mouth clip during use.

Why Saltwater Fishing?


Salt corrosion resistance:

Salt in seawater is one of the biggest challenges for metal tools. The stainless steel of the Fishing Lip Grip resists the attack of salt, making it perfect for Saltwater Fishing. It will not rust or corrode, maintaining good performance and appearance.

For large fish:

Saltwater Fishing often involves catching large fish such as large sharks, sailfish and plaice. The Fishing Lip Grip’s sturdy construction and reliable grip system make it ideal for these challenges. It securely holds the fish’s mouth, allowing anglers to easily control and handle large fish.

How to use Fishing Lip Grip

To adjust the grip:

Fishing Lip Grip is equipped with an adjustable grip system. Adjust the grip to the proper position according to the size and strength of the target fish. Make sure it grips the fish’s mouth tightly, but not so tightly that it can damage the fish.

Grab the mouth of the fish:

Gently place the grip of the Fishing Lip Grip over the mouth of the target fish. Make sure the grip system can hold the fish mouth firmly to prevent the fish from struggling.

Release the fish:

When you’re ready to release the fish, lightly press the release button to release the grip system. Then, remove the mouth clamp from the mouth of the fish to ensure that the fish can swim freely.

Fishing Lip Grip is a very useful product in Saltwater Fishing. Its stainless steel construction and corrosion resistance allow it to withstand saltwater environments and provide strength and durability. Whether it’s catching large fish or keeping them safe, the Fishing Lip Grip is a solid choice. By properly using the Fishing Lip Grip, anglers can more easily control and handle fish while ensuring its free return to the ocean.


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