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10+1BB Fishing Reel for Carp


High-quality 10+1BB Fishing Reel has unique advantages in fishing carp, if you are in the fishing reel business, your customers like to catch carp.

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10+1BB Fishing Reel for Carp Description

In the exciting moment of carp fishing, owning a high-performance 10+1BB carp fishing reel will be your great choice. With its advanced 10+1 ball bearing system, this cord reel provides smooth and precise operation, allowing you to release and retrieve cord sets with ease.

Our 10+1BB carp fishing reel stands out for its smooth and friction-reducing benefits brought about by its superior ball bearing system. Whether you’re casting long distances or battling tough carp, the smooth operation of this reel will enhance your fishing performance.

While meeting the challenges of carp fishing, our carp fishing reels are constructed with durable materials for long-lasting durability. Below are the different specifications and their parameters offered by our cord reels:

3000 Gauge: This reel is suitable for medium sized carp fishing. It has a decent line capacity and maximum pulling power, enabling you to handle medium sized carp. In terms of materials, cord reels are usually made of durable metal materials, such as aluminum alloy or steel.

4000 Gauge: The 4000 gauge reel is suitable for larger carp. It features greater line capacity and a higher maximum pull, allowing you to tackle more challenging fishing situations. Reels are usually constructed of strong materials to ensure they can withstand greater tension and handle stronger carp.

5000 Gauge: The 5000 gauge reel is designed for large carp fishing. It features a larger line capacity and stronger maximum pull, enabling you to take on the most challenging carp fights. High-quality metal materials and sturdy construction ensure that the reel remains stable under the powerful carp pull.

6000 Gauge: The 6000 gauge reel is suitable for very large carp fishing. It features generous line capacity and strong maximum pull to take on the most challenging fishing scenarios. Reels are usually manufactured from high-strength metals, such as aluminum alloy or stainless steel, to ensure their superior durability in the fierce carp fights.

No matter which size 10+1BB carp fishing reel you choose, they all feature attention to detail and craftsmanship to deliver outstanding performance and reliability. For example, they are often equipped with an adjustable drag system, allowing you to precisely control the tension of the thread as needed. At the same time, the humanized design makes it comfortable to hold and relieves fatigue during long-term fishing.

In addition to the above specifications, we also provide other carp fishing reels with different line capacities to meet the needs of different anglers. Whether you’re looking for long throws or close quarters combat, we’ve got the right reel specs for you.

Whether you are a professional fisherman or an amateur, our 10+1BB carp fishing reel will be your right-hand man in your fishing gear. Their superior performance and durable construction will help you meet a variety of carp fishing challenges and enhance your fishing experience.

How to use Fishing Reel for Carp?

Using the 10+1BB Carp Fishing Reel is very easy, here are some basic usage guidelines:

  1. Choose the right size: According to your fishing needs and the size of the target fish, choose the right size of the reel, such as 3000, 4000, 5000 or 6000, etc. Different specifications are suitable for carp fishing of different sizes.
  2. Fitting the line set to the reel: According to your needs, choose the appropriate fishing line and install it on the spool of the reel. Make sure the cord set is securely attached to the cord reel and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper installation.
  3. Adjusting the Drag System: Check the drag system of the reel and adjust as necessary. Adjustments to the drag system help you control fish tension during a fight. Depending on the size and strength of the target fish, you can properly adjust the tightness of the dragging system.
  4. Ready to cast: Before preparing to cast, make sure the rod is properly installed and the line set is passed through the rod’s guide ring. Make sure the cord set is free from tangles or knots to ensure a smooth delivery.
  5. Casting and rewinding: After casting the bait or bait to the target location, use the reel’s rotating handle to slowly rewind the line group. By turning the handle, you will feel the smooth operation of the cord reel and the smooth recovery of the cord set.
  6. Fight and Reel: When the fish has bit and taken the bait, the drag system of the reel will play an important role. As needed, the dragging force can be gradually increased or decreased to control the tension of the fish and avoid line breakage. Use the reel’s rotating handle to gradually draw the fish closer until it is safe to reel in.
  7. Maintenance and Maintenance: After use, clean the cord reel in time and keep it in good condition. Lubricate critical components to ensure smooth operation and replace worn parts as needed.

Remember to always follow safe operating practices when using the 10+1BB carp fishing reel, and adjust the usage method according to the actual situation. With experience, you will become more familiar with and master the technique of fishing reels.

How to make 10+1BB carp fishing reel?

Manufacturing 10+1BB carp fishing reels needs to go through a series of process and manufacturing steps. The following is a general overview of the manufacturing process:

  • Before a carp fishing reel is manufactured, a design and planning phase is required. This includes determining the required specifications, functionality and performance requirements, developing the product’s exterior design, and designing the internal mechanism to accommodate the 10+1 ball bearing system.
  •  Based on design specifications, select a high strength material suitable for the manufacture of the cord reel. Common choices include aluminum alloys, steel, and composites. These materials generally have good durability and lightweight properties.
  • Using machining and forming processes, the selected material is processed and formed. This may include processes such as milling, turning, stamping and casting to process the material into the individual components of the reel such as the spool, body, knob and drag system.
  • During the manufacturing process, the required number of ball bearings are installed into the internal mechanism of the cord reel. These ball bearings are used to provide smooth operation and reduce internal friction for smooth performance of the cord reel.
  • Assemble each component, and carry out necessary debugging and testing. This includes ensuring proper ball bearing installation, adjustment of the drag system, and smooth operation of handles and knobs. At this stage, quality control and performance testing can be performed on the cord reel to ensure it meets design requirements.
  • According to the design requirements, the surface treatment and painting are carried out on the reel. This can provide an aesthetic appearance and increase the durability of the product. Treatment methods such as anodizing, spraying or electroplating are usually used.
  • After the manufacturing process is complete, a final quality control check is performed to ensure the performance and functionality of the cord reel is up to standard. Subsequently, packaging and labeling are performed so that the cord reels can be safely shipped and sold to consumers.

It should be noted that the exact manufacturing process may vary by manufacturer and product model. Each manufacturer may have its own unique process and process to manufacture 10+1BB carp fishing reels.

As a leading fishing tackle manufacturer, we focus on customizing fishing tackle and providing OEM services, aiming to meet the needs of different customers. Whether you are a fishing tackle brand or a fishing tackle distributor, we can provide you with high-quality carp reels to help you create a unique product line and meet market demand.

We provide customers with a full range of customized fishing tackle services. Whether you want your brand name or logo imprinted on your reel, or require specific specifications and features to meet the needs of a specific market, our dedicated team will work with you to ensure custom fishing tackle meets your expectations. We have advanced production equipment and technology to efficiently produce and deliver customized fishing gear products.

In addition to custom fishing tackle services, we also welcome fishing tackle distributors to be our partners. Our carp reels are known for their superior quality, advanced technology and reliable performance. As our partner, you will enjoy diversified product lines and competitive prices, bringing greater profits and growth to your business.

We provide you with One-to-One Service to resolve your needs quickly and professionally.

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