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All metal Max Drag 6kg Star Drag Trolling Reel for Boat Fishing


If you are a fishing enthusiast who loves boat fishing, the all metal max drag 6kg star drag trolling reel for boat fishing we recommend will become your right-hand man in your boat fishing equipment. It has 9 high-quality ball bearings for superior smoothness and durability. Right-handed use, suitable for right-handed fishing friends. At the same time, the classic color scheme will add fashion and personality to your boat fishing equipment.

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All metal Max Drag 6kg Star Drag Trolling Reel for Boat Fishing Description

This all metal max drag 6kg star drag trolling reel is a fishing reel designed for boat fishing. The following are the features and advantages of the product:

High-strength all-metal construction

This fishing reel features an all metal body and knobs that provide excellent durability and strength. Whether it’s a big fish fight or a long boat fishing session, it’s built to take the strain and maintain exceptional performance.

The all-metal body and knob allow this cord reel to withstand heavy stress and vigorous use. The reel is stable and less prone to damage during the fight with larger fish. Whether it’s intense fishing or long boat fishing sessions, it delivers consistent performance and reliability.

All-metal construction provides excellent corrosion and corrosion resistance. This allows the cord reel to be used in water and seawater environments for extended periods of time without corrosion or damage. It can handle all kinds of harsh environmental conditions such as sun, rain, salt water and humidity, providing you with reliable boat fishing equipment.

The solid construction of the all-metal body and knobs provide greater stability. During use, the cord reel will not loosen or twist, maintaining stable performance and operation. This gives you greater control and control of the reel for a variety of challenging boat fishing situations.

All metal construction gives this cord reel exceptional durability and long life. It is able to withstand frequent use and intense use without damage or wear. This allows you to rely on this reel for a long time without frequent replacement or maintenance, providing a reliable partner for your boat fishing activities.

Maximum drag force 6kg

The maximum drag force of the transfer all metal star drag trolling reel is 6kg, which provides enough drag force to fight against larger and powerful fish. This allows you to tackle a variety of challenging boat fishing scenarios, ensuring the proper tension is maintained on your line and fish fighting.

The drag force is one of the important indicators to measure the ability of the reel to fight against fish. The Star Drag Trolling Reel offers a maximum pulling force of 6kg, which means it has plenty of power to take on larger, powerful fish. Whether you’re fishing large ocean fish or aggressive freshwater fish, this reel maintains the right tension, giving you more control and hooking success.

This Trolling Reel enables you to adjust and control the drag force through a precise drag system. You can easily adjust the drag to ensure proper tension on the line, depending on how hard the fish is fighting and the conditions of the water environment. This is important when fighting fish, reducing the risk of line breaks or fish unhooking, improving your chances of a successful catch.

This all metalstar drag trolling reel is suitable for various boat fishing scenarios, including freshwater lakes, rivers, oceans and large reservoirs, etc. Whether fishing large marine fish or pursuing larger-sized freshwater fish, the 6kg maximum drag force of this reel can meet your needs. It gives you enough power to take on a variety of fishing challenges and ensures you maintain control and success in your boat fishing endeavors.

9 high-quality ball bearings

This cord reel is equipped with 9 high-quality ball bearings, providing excellent smoothness and stability. The ball bearing design reduces friction and drag, allowing for smoother rewinding and unwinding of the cord reel, reducing the risk of cord tangling and tangling.

The ball bearing design makes the reel reel recovery and payout process smoother. Each ball bearing provides low friction and low drag operation, ensuring you enjoy a smooth feel during operation. This allows you to control and maneuver the reel more easily, increasing fishing comfort and efficiency.

The configuration of 9 high-quality ball bearings provides stable performance for the cord reel. They are evenly distributed over critical areas of the cord reel, reducing friction and unwanted vibration. This keeps the reel stable during use without wobbling or instability, ensuring your line runs smooth and stable.

The high quality ball bearing design reduces the risk of cord tangling and tangling. They keep the line well-aligned and flowing, reducing friction and tangling between lines. This allows you to focus on fishing without worrying about line confusion and knotting, improving the smoothness and success rate of fishing.

The selection of high quality ball bearings ensures the durability and reliability of the cord reel. They are able to withstand frequent use and intensive handling without wear or damage. This means you can rely on the stability and performance of your cord reel for a long time without the need for frequent repairs or ball bearing replacements.

Right-handed use

Because most people are right-handed, our all metal max drag 6kg star drag trolling reel for boat fishing is designed to be suitable for right-handed fishermen. It doesn’t matter if you are left-handed, we also have left-handed products for sale.

Star drag knob design

The Star Drag knob is the main control for adjusting drag strength. By turning the star-shaped drag knob, the angler can increase or decrease the drag force. This means the angler can adjust the drag to match the strength and size of the fish fighting, ensuring the line maintains the proper tension during the fight with the fish. Larger fish generally require more tugging to maintain control, while smaller fish require less tugging to avoid breaking the line or unhooking the fish.

By turning the star drag knob, the angler can also control the tightness of the line. The adjustment of the tightness can ensure that the tension of the fishing line is appropriate when the fish are fighting. If you pull too hard or the line is too loose, there may be an increased risk of the line breaking or the fish unhooking. Therefore, anglers can fine-tune the star drag knob as needed to ensure that the line maintains the proper tension and increase the chances of successfully catching fish.

The design of the star drag knob makes it very flexible and easy to operate to adjust the drag force and line tightness. The angler can easily turn the knob to fine-tune the drag and line tension without stopping the fishing effort. This flexibility allows the angler to make on-the-fly adjustments based on the fish’s reactions and struggles, maintaining effective control of the fish.

Stylish color

This fishing reel is presented in classic color, adding fashion and personality to your boat fishing equipment. Not only is it functional, but it also complements your tackle and boat gear perfectly, expressing your taste and style.

The star drag trolling reel will be a reliable companion in your boat fishing gear. Its high-strength all-metal construction, maximum drag force of 6kg, high-quality ball bearings, and right-handed use provide excellent performance and operating experience for your boat fishing activities. Not only that, but its fashionable color scheme can also let you show your personality and taste during boat fishing. Invest in the right trolling reel to make your boat fishing trip smoother and more successful.

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