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100Lbs saltwater deep sea fishing rods with 2+1


The 100Lbs saltwater deep sea fishing rods with 2+1 guide configuration. Crafted with utmost precision, this rod is designed to enhance your deep sea fishing experience. Made from high-quality fiberglass material, it offers exceptional durability and strength, ensuring it can handle the toughest challenges of deep sea fishing. The aluminum reel seat provides stability and reliability, while the EVA and aluminum handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip even during extended fishing sessions.

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100Lbs saltwater deep sea fishing rods with 2+1 Description

Unlock the Thrill of Deep Sea Fishing – Catching Tuna Made Easy

Our 100Lbs saltwater deep sea fishing rod is engineered to deliver outstanding results, particularly when targeting deep sea fish such as tuna. With its optimal design and exceptional strength, this rod empowers anglers to effortlessly tackle the challenges of landing large and powerful fish. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice seeking to explore the excitement of deep sea fishing, our rod is a reliable tool that will enhance your chances of success.

The 100Lbs saltwater deep sea fishing rods with 2+1 guide are designed specifically for heavy-duty saltwater fishing in deep sea environments. These rods are engineered to handle the powerful forces exerted by large saltwater species such as marlin, tuna, and sharks. Whether you’re an experienced angler or an enthusiastic beginner, these 100Lbs saltwater deep sea fishing rods with 2+1 guides offer the strength, durability, and design necessary for a successful and thrilling deep sea fishing adventure.


The key features and benefits of 100Lbs Saltwater Deep Sea Fishing Rods with 2+1

♦ ROD STRENGTH AND POWER: Our 100-pound saltwater deep sea fishing rod can handle fishing line with test weights up to 100 pounds, so it has the ability to withstand the intense pressure of fighting large ocean fish.

♦ DEEP-SEA PERFORMANCE: Our rods are designed for deep-sea fishing, where water depths can be considerable and target species are known for their size and strength. The rugged construction and power of our rods ensure they can handle the challenges of deep sea fishing.

♦ Guides and Action: “2+1” refers to two regular guides plus a tip guide. The guide is the circular ring that guides the fishing line along the rod. This guide structure helps distribute pressure evenly on the rod and prevents the line from getting tangled during intense battles with big fish.

♦ DURABILITY & MATERIALS: With the demands of saltwater fishing in mind, our rods are constructed from strong composite materials, allowing them to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater and the stress of heavy lifting.

♦ Versatility: While designed for deep saltwater fishing, our rods are versatile enough to handle other types of heavy saltwater fishing, such as pier fishing, offshore trolling, or targeting big fish from a boat fish.

♦ COMFORT AND CONTROL: Our fishing rod designs include features like comfortable grips and ergonomic handles to help anglers maintain control during long battles with powerful fish.

NOTE: When using these rods, you must match them with an appropriate reel and line capable of handling the same weight class. It is also recommended to follow proper maintenance and cleaning procedures to extend the life of your rod in harsh saltwater environments.


Better Leader – Your Reliable Deep Sea Fishing Equipment Provider

At Better Leader, we take pride in being a leading provider of top-quality deep sea fishing rods. Our brand is synonymous with excellence, and we are dedicated to delivering superior products to our valued customers. As a B2B company, we understand the unique needs of our clients and strive to provide customized solutions. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we offer comprehensive one-on-one customer service throughout the entire buying process.

Unmatched Quality and Performance

At Better Leader, we understand that quality is paramount when it comes to deep sea fishing equipment. Our 5 Feet 100Lbs saltwater deep sea fishing rods is meticulously manufactured to meet the highest standards. Each rod undergoes rigorous quality inspections to ensure it meets our strict criteria for performance, strength, and reliability. We are proud to provide our customers with detailed quality inspection reports, offering peace of mind and reassurance that they are investing in a superior product.

Better Leader is your trusted partner for high-quality deep sea fishing rods. With our dedication to superior customer service, customized solutions, and unwavering commitment to quality, we ensure that your fishing experience is elevated to new heights. Whether you’re targeting tuna or any other deep sea fish, our 5 Feet 100Lbs Trolling Rod, with its fiberglass construction, aluminum reel seat, and comfortable handle, will provide the durability, performance, and ease of use you desire. Choose Better Leader for your deep sea fishing needs and unlock a world of fishing excellence.


Saltwater Deep Sea Fishing Rods Customization Process

As a professional fishing tackle manufacturer,we are happy to share how to customize 100Lbs saltwater deep sea fishing rods.

⇒ Visit our factory: If you have a chance to come to our factory showroom,we are very excited to show you how to build a custom 5 foot, 100 lb capacity 2+1 guide rod.

⇒ Understand your needs: Our professional design team will work with you to develop a rod design plan based on your needs and expectations. We will consider factors such as rod length, material, bending strength, number and placement of guide rings to ensure a custom rod will meet your expectations.

⇒ Material selection: We will provide you with a variety of high quality fishing rod material options such as carbon fiber, composite or fiberglass. Cutting with the eating size of 5 ft. We will discuss the characteristics and advantages of different materials with you to help you make an informed choice.

⇒ Details confirmed: According to the design requirements, we will configure a 2+1 oriented guide ring system for you. We will recommend the proper guide ring type, size and arrangement to ensure smooth running and optimum performance of your line.

⇒ Start manufacturing: Once the design plan and material selection are finalized, our manufacturing team will start making the rods. We use state-of-the-art rod manufacturing processes and techniques to ensure that each rod is made to a high quality standard. This includes steps such as making the core, installing guide rings, handles and chuck seats.

⇒ Quality control: At all stages of the manufacturing process, we will carry out strict quality control and testing. This includes bend testing, soundness testing of guide rings and inspection of the overall structure. We ensure that each rod meets expectations for quality and performance. For example: 100BLS gravity test and so on.

⇒ Communicate again: If the customer wishes to further customize the rod, we can discuss whether to add custom accessories, decorations or personalized logos etc. We will customize according to the customer’s request to meet their special needs and preferences.

⇒ Production: Finally submit the mass production order.

We are committed to providing high quality custom fishing tackle, each rod is carefully manufactured and rigorously tested to ensure durability and performance. Whether you are an enthusiast or a professional fisherman, we have the ability to provide you with the 5ft, 100lb capacity 2+1 guide rod that fits your requirements. If you have any further questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you to provide you with satisfactory custom fishing rod services.


Services Provided by Better Leader

Our 2+1 saltwater rod is specially designed to handle the harsh conditions of deep-sea fishing. It is made of high-quality fiberglass to ensure it can withstand the test of landing large fish.
Our dedicated team provides personalized one-on-one assistance throughout your purchase, ready to address any questions, concerns and requests you may have, ensuring you have a smooth, satisfying experience.
We can provide detailed quality inspection reports, providing transparency and guaranteeing the excellent quality and performance of our products.
We have a dedicated team that can customize to your unique preferences and needs and provide you with samples to ensure you can evaluate whether the product will fit your fishing needs


Success Case

Based on the information our customer provided, he is interested in a trolling rod that is 5 feet in length and has 2+1 guides. However, the weight of 100 lbs might be quite heavy for a trolling rod of that size.

Trolling rods are typically designed to handle heavy-duty fishing, but rods specifically designed for deep sea trolling usually have longer lengths to provide more leverage against larger fish. The most common lengths for deep sea trolling rods range from 5 to 9 feet.

Additionally, the number of guides on a rod helps distribute the stress along the blank and provides smoother line flow during casting and retrieving. A 2+1 guide configuration means that there are two regular guides and one tip guide, which is a relatively standard setup for fishing rods.

Considering the weight he mentioned, a trolling rod designed for 100 lbs line class or above would be suitable. These rods are built with sturdy materials and reinforced to handle the extreme forces that can occur during deep sea trolling. However, a rod with a length of 5 feet may not provide the necessary leverage for fighting larger fish.

Therefore we recommend recommend considering a longer rod in the range of 5 to 9 feet, designed for heavier line classes. This will provide him with the strength and leverage required for deep sea trolling and targeting larger fish species. It’s also important to match the rod with an appropriate trolling reel capable of handling the desired line class.


If you need any help please feel free to contact us.



Q1: What is the significance of “100Lbs” in the rod’s name?

A1: The “100Lbs” indicates the recommended line weight capacity of the fishing rod. It signifies that the rod is designed to handle fishing lines with a test weight of up to 100 pounds, making it suitable for targeting large and powerful saltwater species.

Q2: What does “2+1 guide” mean in the rod’s specifications?

A2: “2+1 guide” refers to the rod’s guide configuration. It includes two regular guides along the length of the rod and one additional guide at the tip. This configuration helps distribute stress evenly during intense battles with fish and prevents line tangling.

Q3: Are these rods suitable only for deep sea fishing?

A3: While these rods are specifically designed for deep sea fishing, their heavy-duty construction and power make them versatile enough for other types of saltwater fishing, such as offshore trolling, pier fishing, and boat angling.

Q4: What materials are these rods made of?

A4: These rods are likely constructed from durable and corrosion-resistant materials such as composite blanks or reinforced graphite. These materials are chosen to withstand the challenges of saltwater environments and the strain of battling large fish.

Q5: Can these rods handle the challenges of saltwater fishing?

A5: Yes, these rods are specifically engineered to handle the challenges of saltwater fishing. Their materials, construction, and guide configuration are designed to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater and the intense pressure of fighting powerful fish.

Q6: Do these rods offer a comfortable grip?

A6: Many of these rods come equipped with comfortable grips and ergonomic handles. These features help anglers maintain control and comfort during extended battles with strong fish, reducing strain and fatigue.

Q7: Can these rods be paired with any type of reel and line?

A7: To ensure optimal performance, it’s recommended to pair these rods with reels and lines that match their recommended weight capacity. Using appropriate equipment will enhance your fishing experience and help you tackle larger species effectively.

Q8: What maintenance is required for these rods in a saltwater environment?

A8: To prolong the lifespan of these rods in saltwater environments, it’s important to rinse them with freshwater after each use to remove salt residue. Regular maintenance, such as checking guides and reel seats for corrosion, will help ensure their longevity.

Q9: Are these rods suitable for both experienced and beginner anglers?

A9: These rods can be used by both experienced anglers who target large saltwater species and beginners seeking an exciting deep sea fishing experience. However, beginners should familiarize themselves with the appropriate techniques for handling powerful fish.

Q10: How can I purchase these rods and learn more about their features?

A10: For purchasing information and to learn more about the features of these 100Lbs saltwater deep sea fishing rods with 2+1 guide, you can visit our website, contact our customer service, or visit local fishing tackle retailers that carry our products.

We provide you with One-to-One Service to resolve your needs quickly and professionally.

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