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An Ice Jig, also known as an ice fishing jig, is a specific type of fishing lure designed for use in ice fishing. It is a small, weighted lure with a single or multiple hooks, typically made of metal or tungsten, and is an essential tool for ice anglers to attract and catch fish beneath the ice.

Key Characteristics of Ice Jigs:

  1. Compact Size: Ice jigs are relatively small in size, typically ranging from 1/32 to 1/4 ounces, making them suitable for targeting various fish species commonly found in frozen waters.
  2. Unique Shape and Design: The design of an ice jig is characterized by its unique shape and profile. It may feature a round or teardrop shape with various color patterns and finishes to mimic natural prey or attract fish with flash and movement.
  3. Weighted for Vertical Fishing: Ice jigs are specifically designed to be weighted, allowing them to sink quickly through the small fishing holes in the ice and reach the desired depth for vertical fishing.
  4. Single or Multiple Hooks: Ice jigs may have a single hook or be equipped with multiple hooks, depending on the target species and fishing regulations.
  5. Attractive Features: Many ice jigs are adorned with additional features to enhance their attractiveness, such as small beads, feathers, or soft plastics, which create added movement and increase the lure’s appeal to fish.

How Ice Jigs Are Used:

To use an ice jig, anglers typically drop the lure through the hole in the ice and jig it up and down with short, sharp movements to create a lifelike action. The jigging motion imitates the movement of prey and attracts nearby fish to strike. Anglers may also experiment with different jigging patterns and speeds to entice fish in varying conditions.

Targeted Fish Species:

Ice jigs are effective in catching a wide range of fish species commonly found in ice fishing environments, including panfish such as perch, bluegill, and crappie, as well as game fish like walleye, trout, northern pike, and bass.


In conclusion, an Ice Jig is a specialized fishing lure designed for ice fishing. Its compact size, unique shape, and weighted design make it an ideal tool for attracting and catching a variety of fish species beneath the ice. Ice anglers use these lures with a jigging motion to mimic the movement of prey and entice fish to strike. Whether you are a seasoned ice angler or a beginner, an ice jig is an essential and effective lure to have in your ice fishing tackle box.

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