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Fly Fishing Rod is also called Fly Rod. We are Fly Rod Manufacturer and Supplier from China. We have our own Fly Fishing Rod factory.
A Fly Fishing Rod is a fishing rod specifically designed for fly fishing. Fly fishing is a traditional fishing technique characterized by the use of light fly (fly) as bait, which is landed by throwing a line set in the air. Fly rods are designed and constructed differently than traditional spin or cast rods to accommodate the specific needs of the fly fishing technique.
Our fly fishing rods are made of high strength carbon fiber or fiberglass composite materials, which are not only light but strong. They are relatively long and lightweight, usually between 7 and 10 feet, to allow for easier control and casting of the flyline in the air. The degree of flex and strength (called “action”) of a fly rod varies according to the user’s preference and the needs of the fishing environment.
There are our distributors and brand dealers all over the world. We hope to establish a global Fly Rod sales system with you.

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