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Catapults and throwing sticks are two popular tools used in carp fishing to accurately bait an area or deliver bait to a specific spot.

A catapult, also known as a slingshot or bait launcher, is a handheld device used to propel bait, such as boilies or pellets, over a distance. It consists of an elastic band or bungee cord attached to a frame with a pouch or cup at the end. To use a catapult, you place the bait into the pouch, pull back the elastic band, and release it to launch the bait. Catapults provide good accuracy and allow you to cover a wide area with bait quickly.
When choosing a catapult, consider the following factors:

The strength of the elastic band or bungee cord determines the distance and power of the launch. Look for a catapult with a durable and adjustable elastic band that suits your baiting needs.

Consider the size of the pouch, as it determines the amount of bait you can launch at once. Choose a pouch that accommodates your preferred bait size and quantity.

Look for a catapult with a comfortable and ergonomic handle grip, as it will provide better control and reduce fatigue during prolonged use.

A throwing stick, also known as a baiting stick or spod rod, is a long, cylindrical tool used to cast bait accurately to a specific spot in the water. It is typically made of lightweight and durable materials like plastic or carbon fiber. To use a throwing stick, you load it with bait, hold it firmly with both hands, and make a swinging motion to propel the bait forward. Throwing sticks are commonly used for delivering larger bait items, such as boilies or particle baits, to create a concentrated feeding area.
Consider the following factors when selecting a throwing stick:

Length: Throwing sticks come in various lengths, typically ranging from 24 inches to 36 inches. Longer throwing sticks provide increased casting distance and accuracy but may require more effort to swing. Choose a length that suits your casting abilities and the distance you want to cover.

Weight: Look for a throwing stick that is lightweight yet sturdy. A lighter throwing stick is easier to handle and swing, reducing fatigue during baiting sessions.

Grip: Consider the grip design of the throwing stick. Look for a stick with a comfortable and non-slip grip to ensure a secure hold during casting.

Both catapults and throwing sticks are effective tools for baiting carp fishing spots. The choice between the two depends on personal preference, baiting requirements, and the fishing situation. Some anglers prefer using a catapult for spreading bait over a larger area, while others prefer the accuracy and concentration provided by a throwing stick. It’s worth experimenting with both tools to determine which one works best for your carp fishing needs.

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