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How to install the “sliding rig” used in shark fishing?

One of the most commonly used rigs for shark fishing on the beach is the “sliding rig” or “fish finder rig.” This rig allows the bait to move freely along the mainline, making it easier for the shark to take the bait without feeling resistance from the weight.

Here’s how to set up a sliding rig for shark fishing on the beach:


Use a heavy-duty fishing line with a pound test suitable for targeting sharks. Braided lines are often preferred for their strength and sensitivity.

Sliding Sinker:

Attach a heavy sliding sinker (a fish finder or egg sinker) to the mainline. The weight of the sinker will depend on the surf conditions and the size of the bait, but it should be heavy enough to hold the bait in place against the current.

Bead and Swivel:

Slide a plastic bead onto the mainline, followed by a heavy-duty swivel. The bead helps protect the knot and swivel from damage caused by the sliding sinker.


Attach a heavy leader (usually made of wire or heavy monofilament) to the other end of the swivel. The leader should be long enough to prevent the shark’s teeth from cutting through the mainline during the fight.


Finally, attach a large, strong hook to the end of the leader. Circle hooks are often preferred for shark fishing because they have a higher hook-up ratio and are less likely to be swallowed, resulting in more catch-and-release-friendly fishing.

Once the rig is set up, bait it with a fresh or oily bait such as whole fish, cut fish, squid, or other seafood. Cast the rig beyond the surf line, then engage the reel’s drag and set it in a rod holder or sand spike. Be prepared to monitor the rod closely for any bites or runs, as sharks can be strong and fast-moving once hooked.

Always ensure you’re following local regulations and guidelines for shark fishing, including any size or bag limits, as well as handling and release practices to minimize stress on the sharks. Additionally, use caution and proper safety equipment when handling sharks on the beach.



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