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Best Lures for Deep Sea Fishing

Choosing the best lures for deep-sea fishing depends on various factors, including the target species, water conditions, and your personal preferences. Here are some popular deep-sea fishing lures that are known to be effective:


1. Butterfly Jigs:
  • These jigs have a fluttering action as they sink, imitating a wounded baitfish. They are effective for a variety of species, including tuna, amberjack, and grouper.
  • Brands like Shimano, Williamson, and Daiwa are known for their quality butterfly jigs.
2. Knife Jigs:
  • Knife jigs have a streamlined, knife-like shape that allows them to cut through the water and reach deep depths quickly. They are excellent for species like tuna, kingfish, and amberjack.
  • Brands like Shimano, Nomad Design, and Daiwa offer popular knife jigs.
3. Vertical Jigs:
  • Vertical jigs are designed to be dropped straight down and worked vertically. They are effective for species that hold near the bottom, such as snapper and grouper.
  • Brands like Williamson, Sea Falcon, and Daiwa produce quality vertical jigs.
4. Slow Pitch Jigs:
  • Slow pitch jigs are designed to be worked with a slow, rhythmic motion, enticing fish to strike. They are effective for various deep-sea species.
  • Brands like Palms, Jigging Master, and Yamashita offer slow pitch jigs.
5. Deep Drop Jigs:
  • These jigs are specifically designed for deep dropping, targeting species in extreme depths. They are often used for deep-water bottom fishing.
  • Brands like Lindgren-Pitman, Hooker Electric, and LP Sprewell are known for quality deep drop jigs.
6. Metal Jigs:
  • Heavy metal jigs are versatile and can be used for various species. They often have a shiny finish to attract fish in deep water.
  • Brands like Shimano, Williamson, and Nomad Design produce effective metal jigs.

Deep Diving Plugs:

1. Rapala X-Rap Magnum Series:
  • These plugs are designed for big game fish and feature a strong, durable construction. They have a deep-diving lip that allows them to reach significant depths, making them suitable for offshore trolling.
  • The X-Rap Magnum series comes in various sizes and colors to match different fishing conditions.
2. Yo-Zuri Bonita:
  • The Yo-Zuri Bonita is a high-speed trolling lure that’s effective for targeting species like tuna, wahoo, and dorado. It has a realistic swimming action and can dive deep when trolled at higher speeds.
  • The Bonita is available in different sizes and color patterns.
3. Mann’s Stretch Series:
  • Mann’s Stretch series includes deep-diving plugs that are popular for offshore trolling. They are known for their durability and ability to reach depths where larger game fish often roam.
  • The Stretch series comes in various models, including the 20+, 30+, and 40+, with each number representing the depth in feet.
4. Nomad Design DTX Minnow:
  • The DTX Minnow by Nomad Design is a high-performance trolling lure designed for big game fishing. It has a bibbed design that allows it to dive deep and swim with a realistic action.
  • The DTX Minnow comes in different sizes and colors to suit various fishing conditions.
5. Halco Max 190:
  • The Halco Max 190 is a deep-diving trolling lure that’s effective for targeting large pelagic species. It has a highly visible and attractive action, making it a favorite among offshore anglers.
  • This lure is available in different colors to mimic various baitfish.
6. Cedar Plugs:
  • While not a traditional deep-diving plug, cedar plugs are a classic and effective choice for trolling in deep-sea fishing. They are simple yet reliable and can attract a variety of offshore species.

Trolling Lures

1. Trolling Skirts:

Soft plastic trolling skirts, often combined with a lead head or a weighted bullet head, are versatile and can be used to target a wide range of species. Brands like Iland Lures and Mold Craft are known for their effective trolling skirts.

2. Feather Lures:

Feather lures, also known as feather jigs or feathered trolling lures, are effective for attracting species like tuna and mahi-mahi. These lures often feature colorful feathers that mimic the appearance of baitfish.

3. Large Plugs:

Deep-diving plugs, such as the Rapala X-Rap Magnum series or Mann’s Stretch series, can be effective for trolling in deep waters. These lures have a strong swimming action and can reach significant depths.

4. Cedar Plugs:

Cedar plugs are classic and effective trolling lures. They are simple wooden lures with a natural finish that mimics the appearance of small baitfish. Cedar plugs are known for their ability to attract a variety of offshore species.

5. Jet Head Lures:

Jet head lures, which have a concave head with holes (jets) that create bubbles and noise in the water, are effective for attracting predatory fish. These lures are often used for species like marlin, tuna, and wahoo.

6. Daisy Chains:

Daisy chains consist of a series of small lures or teasers arranged in a chain. They create a lifelike baitfish school effect, attracting larger fish. Daisy chains are versatile and can be effective for a variety of offshore species.

7. Ballyhoo Rigs:

Ballyhoo, rigged with a skirt and a hook, is a natural bait option for trolling. The realistic swimming action of ballyhoo can attract a wide range of pelagic species.

8. Chugger and Poppers:

Surface lures like chuggers and poppers can be effective for targeting species that feed near the surface, such as mahi-mahi and tuna. These lures create surface commotion that can trigger strikes.

Soft Plastic Swimbaits:

Large soft plastic swimbaits can be effective for deep-sea fishing, especially when targeting species like grouper and snapper. Rig them on heavy jig heads or with a dropper loop rig.

Bucktail Jigs:

Bucktail jigs are versatile and can be effective for various species. They work well when bounced along the bottom and can imitate a wounded baitfish.

Metal Spoons:

Heavy metal spoons are effective for deep-sea jigging. They create a lot of flash and vibration, attracting the attention of predatory fish.

Live Bait Rigs:

When live bait is available, using a live bait rig with a sturdy hook can be highly effective. This approach is often used for larger game fish like tuna, marlin, and sailfish.


Surface poppers can be effective for species that feed near the surface, such as tuna and mahi-mahi. These lures create surface commotion, attracting fish to strike.

Remember to consider the depth at which you’ll be fishing, the type of fish you’re targeting, and the local conditions when selecting your lures. It’s also a good idea to ask local anglers or consult with charter captains for advice specific to your fishing location.



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